Secure escrow for Bitcoin, Litecoin & Monero transactions

We are committed to the safety of your coins!

Secure Platform

Escrow data is protected with AES, a government standard encryption. We also offer an option to delete the keys from our end after transaction completion.


Instant payouts once transaction is completed. No more waiting long hours for your middle man!

Peace of Mind

We are commited to keeping your coins safe in every transaction. Don't ever worry about pesky scammers ever again!

How does it work?

Get started in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Create Transaction

Choose if you are the Buyer or Seller and then click, "Create Transaction" at the top right of the navigation bar. Enter the transaction details and your on your way!

Step 2

Invite User to Transaction

Copy your invitation link and send it off to the user you are doing the transaction with!

Step 3

Chat & Complete Transaction

After funds are received the Seller completes his required actions and when the Buyer is satisfied will finalize the transaction. We recommend chatting with the user on site so if a party is unsatisfied, they may open a dispute and we can handle it accordingly.

Fees Calculator

Ready to keep your Bitcoin, Litecoin & Monero safe in every transaction?